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Monthly Archives: Februar 2020

Hi @davineseducation🏽we enter the talent greenhouse challenge one more time with a very classy blond on our beautiful client Roxanne.She came in with the wish to chop off length and go much lighter! I used my so called “L.A. paints” method to create wonderful texturized highlights, with a lot of very soft structure, almost touching the roots, they really blend soft into the root and don’t need a toning at the roots ..Step 1 – paint paint paint with very flat wide brush and #centuryoflightprogress 30vol – only at the outlines I used a 10vol progress, not to damage the fine hair – the technique starts in the back in quite big section, then sections get tighter the more up I go – most important for this blend 🏽 the backcombed passé of the respective strand of hair is pressed firmly against the roots with the comb. then the passé is evenly painted with a lot of product- covered with bleach like a perfect frosted cake. Works 35min. .Step 2 – take out the transparent foil and brush the paints into the rest of the dry hair. While brushing also carefully start to brush out the extremely backcombed roots to give them also a bit of the lightening effect.On top of that, I used #centuryoflighttolerance + 5vol. The fluid consistency and the protective oil film allows the whole bleach mass to move easily while brushing through the hair. I love the tolerance, cause it never feels dry or hard on the hair. Allow the open brushed hair to soak the bleach mix for 10-15min. Then finish with nourishing shampoo & conditioner .Step 3 toning with view, mix 1/3 10/32 + 1/3 9/22 + 1/3 gloss + 1gr steel + 10vol – 20min – finish with nourishing sh. & alchemics silver cond. – styles with silkening oil mist and OI/Oil..By our @pitzepatze #doublestudioberlin #davinestalentgreenhouse #davinescolor #vanilla #beige #blonde #lapaints #friseurberlin

Texturized Highlights by Patze

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